What is this and why does it exist?

Well, I was getting bored with my blog. Plus paying for a website that was just a vanity project seemed like a bit of a waste (at least this vanity project is free). The rising popularity of newsletters piqued my interest and I’ve decided to dive in. Knowing that I couldn’t just post my photos here without people getting bored, given they’re also on Instagram, I think I’ve found an angle that might be worthwhile. 

As the title of the newsletter states, I take photos of nothing more than glorified boxes. I’m not sure why it’s fun to think of buildings this way. I don’t mean to downplay the glorious beauty of them and the painstaking effort involved in designing and constructing such things, but so much of the architecture world seems too self-indulgent, so being overly simplistic provides a more entertaining way to think about buildings.

So what can you expect? Well, you’ve likely seen these photos, though maybe not, but I plan to write a bit about the background of these things and the people who made them a reality. What are some fun facts? Are there weird details that people might not notice when they stroll by? Why the heck did I choose to take photos of it? Not sure what kind of cadence you can expect for future posts, but I have some fun ideas.


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